Boxing Scene – Warden Reflects on Incredible Transformation of Rahway Penitentiary for James Scott’s Title Run – April 9 2024.

Combat-and-Incarceration  November 14, 2019(For Every Empire a Spartacus) in which the author.

Combat and Incarceration

“ the wake of an investigation into the causes of the Thanksgiving Day Riot, Robert Hatrak took over as Rahway’s new superintendent. Now remembered as a great reformer: driven by a belief in redemption and resurrection…”

2,000 in Symphony Hall Cheer Singing Group Formed in Prison – By Rudy Johnson Special to The New York Times. Feb. 18, 1974

NEWARK, Feb. 17—The Escorts, seven elegantly dressed young men, brought down the house in Symphony Hall last night as the singing group that had started in the “big house in Rahway” gave their first full‐fledged concert.